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Mega Ways To Develop Executive Function Skills


  • Demystifies the area of learning that is emotionally charged for many people.
  • Provides teaching methods for teachers, professionals and parents.
  • Depicts actual case studies, describing various dyslexic learning styles
  • Uses real-life cases which show excellent examples of how to remediate learning issue
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7 Brain Rules For Learning


  • Understand learning challenges as unique learning style.
  • Realize why bright people often have issues with learning.
  • Develop learning attributes to promote effective learning.
  • Relieve the emotions, fear and shame often associated with different learning styles.
  • Use the techniques of EDU-Therapeutics in resolving learning inefficiencies.
  • Celebrate learning success through the personal experiences of adults and children
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Learning Victories


  • Cog-Fog refers to the “foggy” mental condition that creates memory and processing speed confusion.
  • The good news is that because of neuroplasticity – the brain‘s ability to heal itself doing stimulating exercises can relieve these irritating symptoms.
  • The cognitive exercises in Cognitive Fognition activate the opportunity for symptom relief and improved functioning.
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You Don't Have To Be Dyslexic


  • Every child, youth, and adult deserves the right to learn.
  • We have the knowledge to make learning a success for all.
  • Enjoy this simple version of how learning develops and how we can give every learner success.
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The Calming Kitchen


  • You don’t have to give up any foods that you adore.
  • You can add foods to your diet that improve your mood
  • You will find foods that give you energy and enthusiasm for each day.
  • You will change how your family enjoys food by sharing new choices.
  • You will feel productive and satisfied when you eat in the Calming Kitchen!
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Cognition Fognition


  • The opportunity to improve frontal-lobe processing for executive function skill is a reality for all learners with Mega Ways exercises.
  • Recognize the multiple skills that make-up our Executive Function ability.
  • Understand how using guided language can establish Executive Function skill.
  • Learn specific techniques to establish, expand, and implement strength for Executive Function skills of memory, attention, planning and organization.
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