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Our Mission is to activate memory, attention, and learning skills to create strong, fluent readers of children, youth, and adults via the Learning Ability Platform (LAP), thereby assuring their intellectual, academic, and emotional development through a combination of technology and teaching.

EDU-Therapeutics/ Learning Time Inc. was established in Monterey, CA in 1995. Originally, Learning Time, Inc began in Sacramento, CA in 1970 and created a school for children (K-9) with unique learning needs and multiple clinics throughout the Central Valley. Learning Time Inc is a CA non-profit corporation which consistently uses state of the art technology to bring effective learning skills to children, youth and adults. Our primary focus is to provide direct assessment and therapy training for clinics, schools, and home-school parents in methods to develop strong skills for beginning readers as well as resolve learning problems, including dyslexia for all ages.

Our motto is “Learning redefined!” With this new year 2020, the Learning Ability Platform, which we developed, will be introduced for school, clinic, and home use. The LAP provides a significant advancement in rapidly developing reading by activating the pathway in the brain to create effective, fluent readers, and learners. While it establishes reading skill, it indeed improves attention, memory, language, fluency, speed of processing and comprehension for success with all learners. The program was introduced at the California School Psychologists convention in November 2019 and is available starting January 2020 through EDU-Therapeutics.com.

We have a passion for communicating what we have learned that resolves learning differences. This year we have published four new books: 7 Brain Rules for Learning, The Calming Kitchen, Mega Ways to Teach Executive Function Skills, and Cognition Fognition. These are all target therapy manuals for improving learning for children, youth and adults.

We have several in-person training scheduled, beginning in January, for therapists, educators, and home-school parents to learn to use target therapies that resolve, rather than accommodate learning challenges!

About Our CEO

Dr Joan Smith is a renowned author and also a licensed Educational Psychologist and Speech Pathologist in the state of California and a Diplomat, Board of Disability Analysts.

Dr Smith has been instrumental in changing the landscape for learning challenged individuals for the past 30 years. She has helped thousands of students, parents and educators throughout the country with various learning challenges like Dyslexia, ADHD and reading disabilities.

She has not only written several important books to help parents and educators but also designed the state of the art learning application – Learning Ability Platform – that can easily be used by parents or educators.

Dr Smith’s book learning victories list several success stories and related therapy interventions.

Some of the Best Selling Books by Dr Smith are:

  1. You Don’t have to be Dyslexic
  2. 7 Brain Rules for Learning
  3. The Calming Kitchen
  4. Cognition Fognition
  5. Mega Ways to Teach Executive Function Skills
  6. Learning Victories

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