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Learning Ability Platform (LAP)

LAP For Educators

For Educators

LAP provides educators with an important program for relieving students of reading, attention, and memory learning challenges. The ideal resource for K-1 st beginning reading training or resolving learning differences for students with IEPs.

LAP For Clinics/Schools

For Educators

LAP is the ideal clinic tool for teaching reading and spelling by improving attention, memory and speed of processing for all ages. LAP provides for home-practice to support therapy sessions or for distance learning application.

LAP For Parents

For Educators

LAP provides parents with the ideal program for improving their child or youth’s reading skill development. Specially sequenced exercises provide efficient and effective introduction of the key reading skills for academic success.

LAP For Memory

For Educators

LAP provides memory development programming for individuals with memory loss from aging, head-injury, stroke, cognitive fog, or dementia. The LAP for MEMORY program utilizes the LAP program plus special exercises for speech and language therapists, disability therapists, and care-givers to improve memory skills for adults.

LAP For Dyslexia Relief

For Educators

LAP uses advanced research information to relieve the frustration and embarrassment caused by dyslexic reading symptoms. No more sounding-out words. No more relying on accommodations to engage in academics. Reading fluency, comprehension, and strong vocabulary skills are developed with the LAP.

LAP For All Ages

For Educators

LAP activities are effective for children, youth, and adults who would benefit from reading improvement: increased reading vocabulary, spelling accuracy, reading speed, and comprehension. LAP provides a bonus of increasing attention, memory and speed of processing through brain-intriguing exercises.

Words of Wisdom from our Leaderships

It feels like we have been climbing this ladder for years to understand reading and the brain. Now we are treated to a good understanding of what happens in our brain for learning to read and learning in general. The LAP is designed to use that knowledge to activate the pathways in the brain to create effective, fluent readers and learners. While LAP develops beginning reading skills, relieves dyslexic learning styles, and improves learning skills, it really improves memory, attention, fluency, speed of processing, and comprehension for success with all learners. This systematic, organized, delivery of target activation tasks for brain function, provides every learner with improved skills and performance in learning. LAP is truly learning redefined.

- Dr. Joan Smith


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We are a Not for Profit Organization, focused on changing the landscape of education We are innovators, we constantly work towards delivery and achievement with our technology driven approach.

Learning Disability Assessments for ages 6-95 Tutoring in reading, math, writing skills Target therapy to develop memory, attention skills, and executive function abilities. Specialists in dyslexic reading issues, building learning skills and identifying appropriate interventions to relieve learning stress

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Student at Path Finders

The Joy of Learning

“ LAP is fun! I like the reading exercises (Level 3) and the “fill in the blanks” (Level 2). ”

Adam Smith

Verified Graduate

Unlocking Learning Victories: A Journey through EDU-Therapeutics and the Mind-Body Connection

Dr. Smith is the author of “You Don’t Have to Be Dyslexic“ and “Learning Victories.“ During her forty years in research and program development, she has focused on clarifying the attributes which cons...


Founder & SEO Consultant

Empowering Education: A Journey with Dr. Joan M. Smith, Ed.D., through Learning Time, Inc. and Educational Excellence

Joan M. Smith, Ed.D. is a licensed Educational Psychologist and Speech Pathologist in the state of California and a Diplomat, Board of Disability Analysts. She is the director for Learning Time, Inc. ...


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