Stoke your Memory Fire!

Memory catches fire early and burns down late! Most youth develop their memory quite early. It is what prepares them to learn to read, know math combinations, and remember words for spelling. Our early years in education count on these skills.

Memory tends to stay with us as a gentle fire during the majority of our lives until we experience “senior status”. Any time between Social Security and whatever comes next, we may find that our memory fire has cooled considerably. Sometimes it is looking for the keys or phone ( it was way easier when the darn thing had a cord and it was attached to the wall!) or recalling what it was we want from the refrigerator (while we stand there catching a chill!)

Fortunately, we can stoke our memory fires at any age. Research during the past fifteen years has labeled our ability to develop, improve, and secure memory and other brain skills – neuroplasticity. No, we are not replacing our brain cells with plastic nerves. We are actually able to increase the complexity of brain cells (that’s a good thing) by nourishing them with exercises. So, if you would like to light up your brain cells here are a few activities that are effective.

By Dr. Joan M. Smith, CA Licensed Educational Psychologist

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