Edu-therapeuics can remediate dyslexia. You can learn the system at home with aseries of DVDs. Home
A Training Program that Prepares Teachers to Enable All Students to Read
EDU-Therapeutics Prepares Teachers to Enable Students to Read
EDU-Therapeutics is a unique learning system that offers effective solutions for overcoming dyslexia and learning disabilities  It succeeds because it changes how a student uses their brain to learn. It is unique because it identifies the underlying cause of the learning inefficiency and corrects them so the student can learn to read.

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Books and Materials to Support EDU-T Training
Books and materials are available that present components of the EDU-Therapeutics system. They are designed to resolve learning challenges with your students of all ages. You can implement the EDU-Therapeutics system with these materials based on brain research over the past forty years.                 

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You can obtain training on the Edu-Therapeutics program in the comfort of your own office, home or school.  Each program will provide an hour of stimulating information for you to use immediately with your students of all ages.  You can re-view any of the programs as you increase your understanding of brain stimulation exercises and apply the techniques for individual students or your whole class.

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- Teachers and parents are frustrated that Johnny Can't Read  

    -  The real problem is that Johnny is not ready to read.
          He doesn't have all the necessary skills.

    -  Edu-Theraputics is a training program that can change that
I have gained a wealth of knowledge that can be used with all my students.  I feel that with the training, techniques, and skills that I learned I will finally be able to really make a difference in all my studentís lives.   Classroom Teacher